Announcement of the "RPA" Faction of the NA


 Presenting the adopted bill, the party stated that its only goal is ensuring natural working process of the National Assembly. According to the party, the bill is adopted in accordance with the demands of the Armenian Constitution and is aimed at ensuring normal process of NA sittings, including the one to be convened for the election of prime minister.

“Despite the law’s full conformity with Constitution, with the urge of the Prime Minister its voting was postponed in the morning of October 2, 2018 not to harm the process of negotiations. After it, though, the PM violated the arrangement and stated about conduction of snap parliamentary elections in December which made us convene extraordinary sitting and vote for the bill,” - the statement runs.
“The regulations offered by the law are very clear. It offers interruption of the session until restoration of necessary conditions for its continuation,” - the statement says, adding that the claims of it being anti-constitutional do not correspond to reality.
As to the meeting with the Prime Minister in the NA, the RPA claims that setting elections for December is not agreed with the adoption of the bill but was planned by him beforehand.
Although such a law is inherent in any democratic society and, despite speculation, fully complies with the Constitution of Armenia, nevertheless, yesterday, at the call of the Prime Minister, the vote on it was postponed in order not to fail the negotiations. After the vote was postponed, the Prime Minister, violating the agreement on negotiations, unexpectedly announced the holding of extraordinary parliamentary elections in December, which forced us to convene an extraordinary meeting of parliament and vote in favor of this bill.
Besides, the premier stated about coming to NA for negotiations but he came to inform the MPs of his decision excluding any opportunity for dialogue. In such conditions the Republican party has not given consent or promise to the PM not to nominate its candidate,” the statement runs.
“The Republican faction stays of the opinion that the government should bring into life the program it has submitted to NA’s approval, and particularly improve the Electoral Code and give the political forces time to get prepared for the election process which supposes their conduction in May-June of 2019,” - the statement runs, adding that during this period the natural and uninterrupted work of the NA should be ensured.
In parallel with these processes, we note the importance of the smooth operation of the National Assembly within the framework of the Constitution and laws, unconditional adherence to the principle of separation and balance of powers.
“Any pressures on the NA are inadmissible,” - the statement reads, at the same time noting that the created situation should be solved only in political way.

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