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The citizens of the Republic of Armenia exercise the right to join into parties freely, in accordance with their persuasions, through establishing parties on voluntary basis, on condition of adopting and recognizing their programs and charters, joining their membership, participating in their activity in conformity with program goals of parties and pursuant to the procedure defined by the charter, as well as freely leaving the party.
The Law of the republic of Armenia on Parties


Conditions necessary to join the RPA

  • citizen shall not be a member of any other political party
  • citizen must have attained the age of 18, as well as be an individual with the right to vote (without the right to be elected in the Party governing and oversight bodies)
  • citizen shall have the knowledge of and accept the Party Program and Charter
  • citizen shall complete the membership application form and personal details form in person
  • citizen shall personally present the membership application (attached with two photos) to the office of the party’s primary (territorial or regional) organization upon his/her residence
  • citizen shall obtain information on his/her membership from the relevant office and get his/her membership card
  • being registered in the party primary organization, citizen shall be engaged in social and political activities within the frameworks of the Armenian Legislation and Party Charter

Party affiliation is in conformity with a personal application based on the:

  • Decision of the regional Party organization council;
  • Decision of the territorial Party organization council;
  • Decision of the Party organizing committee.

A Party member shall pay a membership fee (voluntary amount).


A Party member shall have the right to:

  • Elect and stand for election in the Party territorial (primary, regional and territorial) and sectoral structural units (women’s, youth, sports, etc.), oversight its governing bodies (Congress, executive body);
  • Obtain information on the activity of the Party and the governing bodies thereof, oversee their activity;
  • Submit initiatives and proposals on different aspects of the socio-political life to the Party governing bodies for deliberation;
  • Attend a meeting or sitting on the discussion of his/her personal matters or proposal, express his/her views on the matter under debate;
  • Leave the Party based on his/her application;
  • Appeal the decisions and actions of the primary, regional and territorial Party bodies to the higher Party bodies;
  • Suspend and restore the Party membership;
  • Enjoy other rights under the law and this Charter.

A Party member shall:

  • Act within the framework of the Party Charter;
  • Carry out the decisions of the Party Congress and governing bodies and the Program provisions;
  • Attend the meetings and events of primary organizations;
  • Fulfill other duties prescribed by law and this Charter.