Welcome to the official website of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA).

The Republican Party of Armenia is a national conservative party. Our objectives and mission are supported by the idea of eternity of the Nation and Homeland.

We do hope our website will provide you with all the necessary information on the party's ideological mission, its main objectives and participation in the country's public and political life, the main areas of performance, its achievements and accomplishments as well as future programs and activities.

17/12 Session of the Council of DEMYC was Held in Modena: Delegate of the RPA Youth Organization in Italy

On December 13-16, the regular session of the Democrat Youth Community of Europe was held in Modena.
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10/12 Statement of the Headquarters of the RPA

Dear Compatriots, the snap elections of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia have been completed, according to which the Parliament of the 7th convocation should be formed.
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07/12 The Arrest of Kocharyan was Organized in the Pre-Election Period to Strengthen the Atmosphere of Fear in the Country

To say that this decision has nothing to do with legitimacy means to say nothing.
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