RPA Congratulates the Newly Elected Yerevan Major and Members of the Council of Elders


 The Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) congratulates the newly-elected Yerevan mayor and members of the Council of Elders on the victory in the elections. We hope that the newly elected Mayor and members of the Council of Elders will carry out their promises voiced during the election campaign, and the control over their full implementation will be the task of the whole society.

The Republican Party of Armenia did not participate in the elections of Yerevan City Hall to keep the society away from the danger of extreme polarization. Unfortunately, the alliance “My Step” and personally Prime Minister Pashinyan built the campaign with the approach of dividing the society into “black and white”. This led to the distortion of the election agenda, as a result of which the vote “yes” or “no” went through this dangerous and unpromising approach. Obviously, the overwhelming majority of Yerevan residents did not support that approach.

Nevertheless, there has been a serious political dialogue and, more importantly, the moment of effective work. The society expects practical steps in terms of serious challenges our country and people face.

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