Mayor Taron Margaryan took part in the solemn opening of “Tsaravaghbyur” water collecting station in the capital


 Within the frames of the program of reconstruction of the water pipes and wells, as a result of the work lasted a few months the water collecting station “Tsaravaghbyur” has been modernized and reconstructed. The honour of its solemn opening was given to Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan.
The water collecting station was built in 1963. Together with its pump station and chlorine station it is one of the 10 wells supplying the capital and the last repairing was carried out here in the 70s-80s. Taron Margaryan accompanied by the First Deputy Mayor Kamo Areyan and the director of “Yerevan Jur” CJSC Gor Grigoryan walked about and got acquainted with the work done and the facilities provided for the personnel. Presenting the Mayor the volumes of the work done the director of “Yerevan Jur” company noted that the reconstruction of the sanitary zone was a necessity. Reconstruction of the water collectors, water lines, service, chlorine station, night lighting became vital.
“Within the frames of reconstruction program 3 drainage systems have been completely reconstructed making water-supply more reliable and the quality of water better and safer. At the same time the volumes of water increased”, said Gor Grigoryan.
The persons in charge reported that 275 liter of water per second directed from here to Tsitsernakaberd daily regulatory water storage reservoir from where Kentron district, particularly Kilikia quarter and partially Shengavit districts are supplied.
Stressing the importance of the quality of water supply Mayor Taron Margaryan said that systematic work is to be carried out to improve the water supply throughout the capital. “It’s not a secret modernization and development of water supply and drainage systems is a task of priority in the capital. From this point of view we support all the initiatives serving this purpose. Due to the implementation of this project the residents of certain areas have got a water supply of better quality. We should work systematically to ensure 24-hour water supply in the capital”, stressed Taron Margaryan adding that the Municipality of Yerevan will go on assisting in the realization of water supply improvement programs carried out by the company.

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