All the problems raised by the residents on holidays were solved rapidly


 During the first working conference of 2014 Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan instructed to reprimand some heads of the communal divisions of several administrative districts taking into account the alarm phone calls received by the hot lines during the holidays and the defects recorded by mass media.
The directors of several schools of the capital were also reprimanded for their improper treatment to their duties.
It was reported that at the present all the schools of the capital have been provided with heating.
Concerning the control over prevention of illegal trade the head of the Department of Trade and Service reported that an administrative act had been drawn up.
The Mayor instructed to strengthen the control in this regard. "A number of noticeable actions were carried out last year in the direction of illegal trade prevention, but it was not enough", stressed Taron Margaryan.
It was reported that a close control over the proper work of public transport was set during the holidays. Special attention was paid to the proper servicing of the itineraries at evening time. It was also reported that the process of informing the public about the tender for the organizations carrying out regular transportation which had been scheduled for February 14.
The Mayor instructed to provide regular awareness of the public of the tenders organized by the Municipality and to make reports on the work done.
The head of the Department of Health care reported that within the period from January 1 to 10 the "Ambulance" CJSC got 6911 calls which is more by 300 in comparison with the previous year. It was also mentioned that in 1173 cases the patients were hospitalized. 531 childbirths were also registered within the same period.
Concerning the gas supplying in the blocks of flats in the 16th quarter it was reported that in 15 blocks of flats the process had been finished. The mayor instructed to go on the process and provide regular information on it.
Regarding meeting the contractual liabilities for obligatory improvement of the areas surrounding the entities required by the decision of the Council of Elders Taron Margaryan instructed the heads of administrative districts to keep the process of obligatory improvement under permanent control and to take actions in accordance with the order determined by law.
"This year one of our main tasks is to be the installation of the norms for obligatory improvement which means meeting the liablities by entrepreneurs during th whole year. The entrepreneurs which will fail their liabilities or meet them improperly will be called to account in accordance with the order determined by law. By the way, no financial means are to be disbursed from the budget for the improvement of those areas", stressed Taron Margaryan.
Regarding the process of construction wheelchair access for the people with locomotor disabilities by the owners of private entities, the Chief Architect of Yerevan reported that the administrative districts jointly with entrepreneurs carry out corresponding activities within which drafts are being prepared. The mayor instructed to keep the process under control and to take corresponding actions in regard of those who won’t meet the requirements properly.

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