The Council of Elders of Yerevan has confirmed the four-year program of Yerevan development


 The four-year program of Yerevan development for 2014-2017, as well as the one-year program for 2014 was submitted to the Council of Elders at the special meeting convened on December 10. While presenting the programs the head of the Department of Development and Investment Programs of the Municipality Armen Harutyunyan said the main aim of the programs is to outline the directions of the city development taking into account the existing fundamental problems which are presented in the documents in accordance with separate fields.
As the main reporter noted, the drafts of the programs had passed all the procedures determined by law, had been discussed at the Management Council of the the four-year development program and the annual budget of the community, had been additionally worked out by the proposals made by the members of the Council and got the positive conclusion of the Council. Public discussions of the draft programs as well as with interested persons were also organized in the for of open public hearings. The draft programs were also approved by chief commissions of the Council of Elders. As a result of the discussion of 56 registered members of the Council 50 voted for and 6 against the four-year program of Yerevan development and of 55 registered members 49 voted for and 6 against the annual program of Yerevan development provided for 2014
The Council of Elders voted unanimously for setting privileges in property tax to the veterans of the Great Patriotic war, to the families of the fallen in the Artsakh and Afghanistan wars, as well as to the families of those who were wounded while defending the Republic of Armenia and the Nagorno Karabakh and died of the got wounds within the following years, as well as to the disabled veterans of the 1st and 2nd group of the Artsakh and Afghanistan wars who purchased the property tax implied objects of living significance or were registered in them by the validation of this decision.
The Council of Elders also set the property tax privilege for the creative studios located in the administrative territory of Yerevan which are taxed with property tax and are owned by the artists-members of the Union of Artists of Armenia.
The Council of Elders of Yerevan also set the rates for local duties and fees in the community of Yerevan for 2014.
The Council also determined the order of organization of the service parking zones in the administrative territory of the community of the city of Yerevan. A unified form for service parking signs will be established where the conditions for parking will be mentioned. The parking fees for service parking will be input in the community budget.
The Council of Elders also determined to invest the land plot of 0.42 hectares located at Pavstos Buzand 13/21 belonging to the community of Yerevan by the right of property as well as the unfinished construction located on the plot, to the authorized capital stock of the limited liability company "D&H Group" signing the contracts of real estate investment and shareholding on the base of the main terms of the program of "Restoration of the property loss of the people suffered form the program of the failed construction development at Pavstos Buzand 13-21 in Yerevan" which was provided by the corresponding decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia. As a result of signing the mentioned traties. As the main reporter said, the issue of restoration the proporty losses of the people suffered form the failled construction at Pavstos Buzand 13-21 will be solved.
Other items included in the agenda of the special meeting were also approved by the council of Elders.

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