Vocational Training Quality National Center Foundation’s Accreditation Committee Membership Approved


 Chaired by Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, the Board of Trustees of Vocational Training Quality National Center Foundation held a regular meeting in the Office of Government. The meeting first approved the membership of the Accreditation Committee, which includes:

Sharistan Melkonyan - American University of Armenia Accreditation Division Manager,
Nelly Hovhannisyan - Yerevan State University Biology Department Professor, biologist , researcher,
Ashot Saghyan - YSU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department Head, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences,
Samvel Avetisyan - Director of the Economic Research Center of the Armenian University of Economics, Doctor of Economics, Professor
Vardan Urutyan - International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education, Professor
Samvel Shoukourian – Academic Supervisor of the YSU Education and Research Center for Information Technology, National Academy of Sciences Permanent Member, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor,
Yuri Sargsyan - Armenia State Engineering University Professor,
Sahakanuysh Sargsyan - Bologna Secretariat
Haik Kotanjyan - Director of the Institute for National Strategic Studies.
Susanna Karakhanyan - Deputy Rector of the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts.

Susanna Karakhanyan was elected to be chairwoman of the Accreditation Committee.

Felicitating the newly elected committee members, Prime Minister Sargsyan talked about the university accreditation process underway in our country: “This is a very responsible process that we started many years ago and we must take it to logical end, when the university accreditation process will kick off in the Republic of Armenia. It is crucial for the Commission to enjoy great authority, as they are supposed to be impartial in assessing the performance of individual universities. We are well aware of the existing problems as most of the universities are not prepared to comply with the accreditation standards. Therefore, we must ensure a smooth transition to the new system. At the same time, universities need to understand that this is a pretty strict institution, and that they will have to carry out serious reforms,” the Premier noted.

In conclusion, the Board discussed and approved a set of draft amendments to the accreditation procedure and Foundation by-laws.

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