RA NA President Hovik Abrahamyan Congratulated the Renowned Scientist Grigor Gurzadyan on His 90th Birthday Anniversary


Dear Mr Gurzadyan I congratulate you on behalf of the RA National Assembly and personally me on the occasion of your 90th birthday anniversary.

You are one of the greatest persons of the world science, who has not only weighty and huge contribution to the sphere of universal researches and astrophysics, but also has directed the Armenian scientific thought to a new level of international recognition.

The world science is obliged to you for the crucial and fundamental intentions and discoveries, which were a brave step and new word in the sphere of scientific thought, and today continue to remain an information rich source and applied firm basis for the specialists of different countries.

You are the best example of selfless and kind devotion of a scientist, philosopher, writer and painter with multi-layer way of thinking. The generations will find everlasting material of learning and copying in your life, in your scientific fruitful activity, in your essays and paintings.

Dear Mr Gurzadyan, I once again congratulate you on the occasion of your birthday jubilee and I am sure that from now on you will continue living, working and creating with the energy of youth. I wish you health, continuous fervor and long years for the benefit of our people and for the glory of our science. 

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